What is Holistic Happiness?

Have you ever felt just lost in all of the “noise” around weight loss, happiness, health and wellness? There are so many theories, so many quick fixes that it’s so easy to get frustrated.  Guess what.  You aren’t alone in the struggle…the struggle to get healthy, to reduce our stress, keep up with life…and wait…I should be happy too?!?  Seriously? The struggle is REAL.  But there is HOPE. We are all on an evolving journey called life. As our wisdom and truthful knowledge increases, so does our self confidence.  Look, health, happiness, whole heartedness, personal connections, success – it’s all interconnected.  None of these systems can stand alone and make us happy.  The sum is greater than its parts.  When we realize everything effects everything else it becomes obvious that we need to approach our own happiness from a holistic perspective.

Stop waiting for something to come into your life to make you happy.  You have the ultimate control over your happiness.  Wow!  How empowering is that?!? No one and nothing else can make it happen for you.  So what are you waiting for?  Jump in and get happy!