Cheese – the truth is starting to come out! AND Vegan Power Execs!

I’m ready to do a little dance this morning!  It seems as though the common sense benefits of eating like an herbivore are becoming more accepted and people are starting to pull back the curtain and see the truth about nutrition and our current “healthy eating guidelines”.  We, the American public, have been so decieved and mislead.  Its no wonder why so many people don’t have any idea what is “healthy” and what isn’t.  We believe what we’ve been told by the USDA is a healthy diet and it becomes generally accepted as truth.  Then someone else tells us that it isn’t.  It rocks the foundation of what we’ve always been taught to eat!   Many dismiss it as a fad, or deny that it could possibly be true.  Others are curious, but cautious.

Plant-based nutrition and veganism are becoming more mainstream everyday.  And as more high profile personalities follow it and get the word out about the benefits of eating a plant-based diet, and more TRUE information about what REALLY is healthy becomes unvailed, it will only become more mainstream.  Kudos to both the New York Times and Bloomberg Businessweek for recently publishing the articles cited below, which only bring the benefits of plant based eating closer to the consciousness of the American public!

There’s a great article in the NY Times that you MUST read.  It basically calls out the USDA and the hypocrisy that lies within the organization; declaring an anti-obesity campaign while departments within the USDA are, simultaneously, doing all they can to increase American cheese consumption. 

click here to read the article:

Another great article that was brought to my attention was one in Bloomberg Businessweek that features Vegan Moguls.   Some of the biggest power players in the U.S. are embracing a vegan diet as a way to exert control and power over their own health.  You can find it here:

If you are looking for some good recipes to help you reduce your cheese consumption, there are some great ones on my first blog “Your Nutrtionista’s Tips for Healthy Eating”.  There you’ll find things like  Hummus “Quesadillas” and an incredible grilled Panini Verde that use hummus instead of cheese to create a delicious, healthy, high fiber meal, without the artery clogging saturated fat, or disease promoting casein found in cheese.

Coming soon…recipe for the perfect finger food for your next holiday party…Raw collard “sushi” rolls.  They are refreshing, delicious and so pretty!

A little more info on casomorphins…

I had no idea such a small part of the “food addictions” article would make such a stir!  Since the post went up earlier this week I’ve received a lot of comments and questions about cheese and the casomorphins.  So, I’d like to take a minute to answer a few of those questions and clarify a bit what is going on.   Big thanks to my friend, Julieanna Hever, MSRD for her input too!

The truth of the matter is that there are many foods that have addictive properties to them including meat, sugar and yes, cheese.  There is a biochemical reason that many of us feel we need these foods.  It is not a sign of weakness.  Besides, if you were never informed about this, how would you ever know?

Casomorphins are a byproduct of the body’s breakdown of a protein called casein, found in most animal foods.  It is particularly high in cheese, because it is such a concentrated product, with all of the moisture removed.  Yes, casein is also found in breast milk, so it can’t be ALL bad, right?!   One theory is that these casomorphins (a morphine-like opiate compound) that are produced during the digestion of casein may actually be partially responsible for the mother infant bond that often occurs with nursing.    Remember, cheese comes from milk, and milk is made by cows to feed their young.  So why wouldn’t it also be in a product produced by cows to nourish their own babies.  No wonder we feel so drawn to these  foods!

You know, I always wondered if breast milk was like a drug, since my kids always completely mellowed out, and often fell asleep, whenever they nursed, now I know why! 


  • Breaking the Food Seduction, by Neal Barnard, M.D.