Authenticity – Let’s Get REAL!

Let’s get real, people!  After years of observing others and myself, I’ve come to an honest conclusion.  We spend way too much of our time worrying about how other perceive us!  Honestly, when was the last time you thought about how you perceive yourself?  Hmmm?  Interesting question isn’t it?  The saddest part is, most of those people we are so concerned about appeasing couldn’t care less. Aspiring to someone else’s expectations and ideals will never bring you peace.  That peace and happiness will only come when you know you are being true to yourself and choose to see yourself in a positive light. Don’t be afraid to be your own cheerleader. It doesn’t make you conceited or narcissistic.  It makes you a better friend…to yourself.

Too often our self talk is full of degrading, negative and self-defeating ideas.  I bet there is NO WAY you would speak to anyone else the way you do to yourself.  It’s not fair to you. You are who you are supposed to be.  Kindness starts at home, and there ain’t much closer to home than starting with yourself!  In order to truly be happy and share joy, love and happiness with others, we must first go within and love ourselves… unconditionally.  

I know!  It’s a really big one and definitely takes daily practice.  I struggled (Okay, I’m still a work in progress.) with this for way, way too long.  Life is too short.  Start being kinder to yourself today, so that you can start becoming more fully yourself tomorrow.

Let’s get back to who we are.  Each and every one of us was put on this beautiful planet to contribute something.  Yes, this means you my dear.  We all have gifts and skills that are uniquely our own.  So, what are yours?

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Long time health coach, health educator, and exercise physiologist and holistic nutritionist, with special interests in helping others improve their busy lives with self care and more authenticity

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