Update for the Beans…Needs Salt!! Also a sneak peak at the next post!

Hey!  I guess we can’t always remember everything, right?!  I neglected to mention in the recipe directions for black beans that you may want to add some salt in the last 5 or so minutes of cooking.  It will really help round out the flavor.  Doesn’t need to be too much, but remember it is a big pot of beans.  1-2 teaspoons should be good.  🙂

I also wanted to let you know that I have been doing a lot of research as of late for my next nutrition article to be posted here on the blog.  I started out writing about High Fructose Corn Syrup and it has grown into an entire tutorial on sweeteners: the good, the bad and the nasty!  I may need to break it up into a couple of parts, but I hope you all find it interesting.  I sure have learned a lot in my investigation!  We’ll cover everything from Aspartame to Sucanat and hopefully you’ll learn something new too.  Look for the first part to be posted within the next few days.  🙂

In the meantime, keep thinking about ways you can make your meals more healthy and delicious.  Try out a new recipe or two.  And if you’re on Facebook, don’t forget to “like” the Mel’s Healthy Kitchen page!!  Let’s try to spread the word.  Knowledge empowers one to make educated and appropriate decisions for oneself.  Let’s work to empower not only ourselves but those we love and want to keep healthy; our family and friends too!

Here’s another thing you may wish to ponder – a quote I recently read and resonated so profoundly with me.  I’d like to share it with you.  “Comparison is the thief of joy” Do YOUR best in whatever you do.  Not what you THINK should be your best, as compared to those around you.  An important lesson for many of us.

In good health,


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Long time health coach, health educator, and exercise physiologist and holistic nutritionist, with special interests in helping others improve their busy lives with self care and more authenticity

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