Updated info on Pancreatic Cancer Risk and Vitamin D

After fielding a question from a reader/friend and digging into more research on the subject of the potential increased risk of pancreatic cancer with excess Vitamin D intake, I dug a little farther into the research and found some more recent studies that provide a bit more light on the subject.

The role of Vitamin D in carcingenesis (development of cancer) has been widely debated.  Studies show that adequate amounts of Vitamin D and/or sun exposure can help to prevent cancer, while others suggest as much as a 3-fold increased risk for those who have significantly high blood levels of Vitamin D.  

A 2009 article in the journal Cancer Research (which I just discovered this afternoon), actually sought out  to test the findings of the Finnish study that found the dramatic 3-fold increase in pancreatic cancer risk with high Vitamin D levels.  Their findings are very interesting and definitely worth noting.  They found no statsically significant results to conclude that high Vitamin D was related to pancreatic cancer.  It concluded that there may be a link to low sun exposure, but that should also be further investigated before making any conclusions.

So, the effect of excess Vitamin D on pancreatic cancer risk remains inconclusive. Remember, adequate amounts of Vitamin D have been found to have an anticancer effect (protects against the development of cancer), so it is still important to make sure that you are getting enough.   I apologize for any confusion, but felt it was very important to keep you informed of the most recent info.  Many thanks also to the reader who brought this to my attention.  Medical research is a tricky thing to analyze, there are so many variables to consider, we really have to stay on our toes and try to be as informed as possible.  🙂

If you would like to read this cancer article yourself, here is the reference information

Cancer Research 69: 1439, 2009   


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