Welcome to Mel’s Healthy Kitchen!

Congratulations!  You’ve found the new home of Your Nutritionista’s Tips for Healthy Living.  The previous posts will still be available at the former blog (http://yournutritionista.blogspot.com).  Feel free to revisit it anytime to read previous posts and all of those yummy recipes!  I am sorry for the inconvenience of having to now check a new site, but I am hopeful that this move is for the best. 

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to vote for their favorite new name for the blog, and provide new name suggestions.   “Mel’s Healthy Kitchen”  won with nearly half of the entire vote.  It was a tough call.  A lot of  great ideas!

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Look below for the first recipe on our new blog.  Since we started “Your Nutritionista” with a smoothie, I thought ‘Why break from tradition?’.  Thus, we have a recipe for a wonderful, cool summertime treat: The Ultimate Tropical Smoothie!

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Long time health coach, health educator, and exercise physiologist and holistic nutritionist, with special interests in helping others improve their busy lives with self care and more authenticity

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